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New Construction

Why choose HomeSpy?

Phased Inspections.  You choose what is right for you.


Inspection before the pouring of the foundation.  Are there expansive soils?  Was the right foundation selected?  Are corners being cut?


Inspection before the drywall installation.  How does the framing look?  Is the plumbing correct, what about the electrical?


Inspection after final cleaning.  The workmanship of the final finishes is what you are going to see and have to live with.  Protect your investment by insuring things are done right.


Using a builder can be confusing.  When should I schedule an inspection?   How "picky" should I be?  How do I approach the builder?  These are all good and legitimate concerns.  HomeSpy will coach you on the answers so you can get the best product for your money.  We communicate with you in plain terms that will give you confidence when communicating issues with the builder.


HomeSpy knows what to look for in a newly constructed house.  In general, most builders want to do the best job possible, but if the details are not pointed out, they get left behind.  We spend the time your investment deserves.  We have been known to call out over 100 items in a house.  These are generally oversights that a builder will be happy to fix, if they are aware of them in the first place.


HomeSpy provides a detailed “punch list" report that will assist you in working with the builder to get as near to a perfect house as possible.  Written in clear and concise language with plenty of reference pictures makes it easy to work with the builder in resolving any deficiencies, both large and small.  The report will give you the knowledge and documentation to have productive resolution with all parties

anatomy of a great new construction report

All HomeSpy New Construction Reports provide two major sections, a punch list designed to give directly to the builder and a maintenance section to assist the home buyer in keeping up with their home maintenance after they take possession.



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