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one year warranty

Why choose HomeSpy?


 Your one-year warranty is a chance to ensure that your home is maintaining it’s value, fixing the items that come up after you have ‘broken in” the home.  Home Spy will coach you on what the issues are and how important they are to have the builder fix them.  We will provide you with the confidence to have a productive and factual conversation with the builder, maintaining the value of your home.


HomeSpy knows what to look for on a one year warranty home.  In general, most builders will fix the items that are legitimate, but if the details are not pointed out, they get left behind.  HomeSpy prides themselves on the details to protect your investment, calling out items that may cause problems, bboth now and in the near future.  HomeSpy is the detailed eye you need by your side.


HomeSpy provides a detailed “punch list" report that will assist you in working with the builder to get as near to a perfect house as possible.  Written in clear and concise language with plenty of reference pictures makes it easy to work with the builder in resolving any deficiencies, both large and small.  The report will give you the knowledge and documentation to have productive resolution with all parties

anatomy of a great One year warranty report

All HomeSpy One Year Warranty Reports provide two major sections, a punch list designed to give directly to the builder and a maintenance section to assist the home buyer with on going maintenance items to complete.



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