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homespy is committed to doing the right thing for our client,

with a laser focus on quality.

-Matt Wachter,


                                            is the sole inspector and owner of HomeSpy Inspections.  Matt is an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector with over 150 hours of training.  He started his career in the construction field, building above ground pools and framing houses.  After earning his bachelors and masters degrees, Matt held various roles within small and large companies with a continued focus on Customer Experience.  Matt has a keen eye toward detail and has a passion for doing things the right way.  

Matt Wachter

Matt and Libby Wachter moved to Denver in 2008 with their two kids, Millie and Ruby.   When Matt is not inspecting houses you can find him spending time with his family on a river, chasing elusive trout or in front of a TV, cheering on his beloved Cubs and Jayhawks!

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